Welcome to the Heart of Horticulture

I’m passionate about our horticultural industry in Aotearoa and it’s incredible diversity. It’s a space filled with great people and ideas that combine every day to feed, shelter and support our communities.


The idea for FFFLAIR grew from this passion and the desire to bring the industry together to showcase and celebrate. It’s more than just a garden show. It’s where the heart of horticulture will be beating.


You will be inspired by the experts and personalities from across the country and around the globe as they descend on the 60-hectare emerald jewel that is Otaraua Park in the stunning Kapiti Coast. 


Come lose yourself in magnificent avenues showcasing plant and food production from across this land, before visiting the stunning flower markets and awe-inspiring show gardens. It’ll be a great day out with live entertainment and the finest homegrown food and catering at every turn.


FFFLAIR is more than an event, it’s about leaving a living legacy in education and the environment. By simply coming to FFFLAIR you’ll be supporting new investment in public parks and horticultural pathways that will positively enhance communities and the places we live for generations to come.


To learn more about the goals and objectives for FFFLAIR please read about us below.



Nga mihi



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Ben Hoyle - Founder & Curator 


Finding our Future with Flair

FFFLAIR is a new and ground breaking national event. It’s also the beginning of an international movement bringing together the leading lights of our horticultural industry and the related arts. It’s about inspiring creativity in design, and the sustainable way we produce food and live with plants, from the visual arts and exhibition gardens, to the tiny microorganisms and sustainable practices that make up and guide our modern ecosystems.

FFFLAIR is the home of horticultural excellence and creativity, set to international best practice and standards, and will evolve as the catalyst for positive changes and growth within the industry. It's the place in which the public of New Zealand can get up close and personal with horticulture, shaking hands across the growers gate while companies and individuals promote and connect, collaborate, and do business with one another.

The FFFLAIR Foundation will be a governing body that engages representatives across the horticultural sector, from growers and food producers, to creative designers and community leaders to ensure that the Foundation delivers on key goals and objectives.

FFFLAIR was officially launched at Southwards on the 28th of February 2019. You can view the launch here.

Our Goals & Objectives

FFFLAIR Foundation

Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua

Care for the land, care for the people, go forward

• Bring the benefits of horticulture to communities

• 20% more urban greenspace in 20 years

• Increased diversification and collaboration in horticulture and agriculture

• Inspire the next generation in horticulture

• Support Parks and Reserves maintenance and enhance the ecotourism experience

• Make Aotearoa the environmental world leader in sustainable horticulture

• Drive innovation and technology in horticulture

• Promote and invest in educational pathways


Horticulture supporting Horticulture

• A World class event : well organised, accessible, affordable, diverse, sustainable, educational and entertaining

• Demonstrate and share the principles of manaaki whenua and manaaki tangata

• Deliver an outstanding visitor experience

• Provide wide regional promotion

• Deliver a zero waste event and generate positive economic, environmental and social impacts to the community

• Offer seamless connectivity and encourage the use of public transport

• Kick start a horticultural pulse

• Initiate an environmental legacy

• Encourage people to enjoy the other activities on offer in the Wellington region

• Create a multi-use open space for public events and gatherings

• Revenue generated from the event supports the FFFLAIR Foundation key goals and objectives


Investing in our Future 20/20

20% more Urban Greenspace in 20 years

Parks and reserves are the lungs and kidneys of any urban ecosystem. And just like these vital organs we rely a great deal on plants to filter the myriad of emissions that are the by-product of our modern towns and cities. The practical benefits of incorporating greenspace is well documented, from reducing greenhouse gases to managing the movement of storm water into our natural environment which has become an integral part of good urban design.


For the most part New Zealand enjoys an international reputation for environmental awareness, that ‘’clean-green’’ image which brings a multitude of visitors to our shores every year. While our national parks and reserves remain at the pinnacle of natural beauty, we want to lift the experience of urban greenspace for tourists. We need to showcase NZ as being at the forefront of open space development, not just as a tool to offset pollution or development but rather as environmental leaders for those abroad to learn from.



While using plants to offset environmental impacts is a broadly understood concept, what is perhaps lesser known or championed is the mental wellbeing that urban greenspace brings both individually and collectively. In the urban setting the green milieu, whether residential street frontage or communal open space, becomes the living and breathing glue that connects us with the natural world and often with each other. International studies continue to demonstrate the positive effects of gardens in relieving stress while also improving our physical and mental health and wellbeing.


While our aim is to plant the first seed and establish a long-term event here on the Kapiti Coast; one of the primary goals of FFFLAIR is to establish 20% more urban greenspace globally in 20 years through national and international programs that support horticulture. We don’t just want to help maintain what public greenspace we have, we want to expand the boundaries of urban gardens. Whether it be the modest home garden and residential street, or wide open park spaces.

Hosting of FFFLAIR in Aotearoa will be the first branch to sprout this movement.

It’s about engaging and inspiring our current and future generation of rangitahi to become lovers of our plants, fauna, and whenua, and along the journey, to develop them as future kai tiaki - the guardians of our environment. We believe that the legacy of FFFLAIR won’t be buildings or monuments but rather a legacy of fresh ideas and the people behind them, of trees, parks and beautiful open space for all generations to come.

Primary Industry Diversification

More Horticulture in Agriculture

Here in New Zealand we have a proud and rich history of primary production on the land. From growing great forests and food crops through to meat, wool and dairy, we enjoy an enviable reputation as producers of high quality primary products. Currently New Zealand horticulture alone is our fourth largest export industry valued at $3.36 billion (year ended June 2016), and employs around 60,000 people across the country.

One of the biggest issues of the day is the environmental impact of intensive farming in New Zealand. The solutions are complex and farmers, like other primary producers, are people of the land, often inheriting generational practices and responsibilities all the while carving out a living. In order to bring about effective change we need to provide a viable and attractive plan for farmers to diversify. One that doesn’t insist on hanging up the Swanndri but rather demonstrates and supports alternative and environmentally sustainable primary production land use. In simple terms we need options, many, many more options.

We see horticulture as playing a key role in the agricultural land use evolution and in the process amplifying its own key growth targets.


It’s happening already but on a scale too small to be effective. There needs to be greater engagement between Horticulture, Agriculture, and Central Government to unlock potential and develop sound economic synergies. We must continue to inspire change with FFFLAIR Conferences and Events becoming the national vehicle that encourages diversification through a myriad of experts and growers sharing their experiences directly with primary producers. Best of all primary producers from one end of the spectrum will have the opportunity to mix with primary producers from another field and initiate economic partnerships and information sharing.

couple hands holding young tree preparin

Supporting the Super Forest

The Government is taking a leading role in the proliferation of forests throughout New Zealand with the ambitious target of one billion trees over a 10 year period (2018-2027). While achieving such a lofty goal requires enormous support and energy from both the public and private sector, the subsequent benefits to the environment through enhanced land use are immense. This is an inter-generational policy, something that not only develops employment in the primary horticulture sector here and now, but more importantly creates long term resilience both in the economy and environment through sustainable diversification.


The realisation of this collective forest will require the very best minds of our industry to be grafted with Government. From privately owned farms and forests, local and regional councils, iwi, commercial and community entities, these landowners provide the key to unlocking the full potential of our land mosaic.


We anticipate FFFLAIR becoming an important vector for Government and their affiliated partners to meet at the coalface of industry. A place to share strategies and engage directly with the public alongside potential stakeholders. 


The FFFLAIR Network

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