Floral Wonders

Floral Wonders Marquee

Naughty, Native & Nice

What ever happened to all those naughty plants that jumped the fence? It’s time to pick up your pitchforks and be amazed at how the very best masters of floristry have worked their collective magic to tame these beasts of nature. Come on a journey of horticultural discovery, a place where that wild menagerie of weedy invaders lock leaves and petals against our native frontline. From above and below it’s a breath-taking battle of epic floral proportions.  

Image by Sean Stratton

Flower & Fresh Market

It’s the epicentre of colour and fragrance! If you’re looking for that vibrant market day experience, you’ll be captivated by the finest flowers and freshest produce that ribbon their way along our central avenue. Best of all you can buy direct and take home some of that FFFLAIR inspiration.

Flower Market