Gardens of FFFLAIR

Bayley LuuTomes

Breaking free
Have you ever wondered what’s lies inside a Rubik’s cube? Well I have. Twisting and turning the faces is like trying to figure out a hidden combination. What if you could crack that combination to reveal the secret hidden inside? 

A secret I’m going to share with you at FFFLAIR.
A hidden garden of intrigue and revelation. A garden to inspire and captivate with every turn. Colour, texture, lighting and sound will delight your senses.

Bayley's garden.jpg

Grow it Mellow Yellow

Take 10,000 sunflower seeds, sprinkle in a truckload of love and a few secret pathways and you won't be able to resist finding happiness at the centre of this solar loving landscape. This is BIG! Covering an area of over 2000 square metres it's the place calling you to come chill out or lay down and fully immerse yourself in the heart of this vibrant sea of yellow, it's Insta-perfect!  As you explore see if you can also find the single pink FFFLAIR sunflower hiding amongst all it's yellow siblings and be in the draw for on the day prizes.

Image by Court Prather

More to be revealed soon...